1.6 Ethernet: shield for ethernet communication


shield for ethernet communication


Property Description Range Default
name Name of the ethernet device - -
mac MAC address of the device.
It is a sequence of six hexadecimal values (like '0xNN' where N is 0-9 or A-F) separed by a comma.
The sequence of these values must be unique in your local network (theoretically in the world).
So if you have more controllers attached to your local network, you must change
the sequences and make them different each other, otherwise nothing works any more.
- 0xD4, 0xFF, 0x76, 0x00, 0x00, 0x01
device Type of Ethernet device W5100 W5100
x - - 10
y - - 30
sizeX - - 86
sizeY - - 48
descr description of Ethernet device - -
static When the static box is not checked, the system configures the IP properties automatically
through the DHCP.
That means that the values are automatically reassigned,
and could change, every time the
DHCP restart its procedure. When the static box is checked, you need
to configure all the following ip, gw, dns and mask properties and they will never
change until you change them again, as they are defined as static.
Yes/No No
ip IP address -
gw default gateway address -
dns DNS address -
mask network mask -


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