Tutorial expert 3:

Set a remote Chrono

Content of the tutorial:

- The Remote Chrono Setup.


In one of the previous tutorials we have seen how to configure a Chrono system to control on time base skeduling way a device. One of the main applications of this configuration is the control of the home heating system, as it would an advanced chrono thermostat that can be controlled by remote.

The example described in this tutorial is quite similar to the previous one, so there aren't lots of news. Just take this example to see how Devise Home is versatile to implement every user need.


The Remote Chrono Setup

With reference to the Chrono service description we've already seen in a previous tutorial, we already know how to implement a project and how to configure a Chrono service to control a device connected to the Master Controller. This new Chrono example comes from the fact that, in case of target device (i.e. the boiler) is not so close to the Master Controller, the previous one cannot be easily implemented (unless you spread very long cables inside your home) and a radio communication can be very useful.

Radio communication mechanisms have been described in Previous Tutorial

Please refer to Chrono Controller section in Devise Home User Manual to get more information about how to program a Chrono controller.

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