Who is Devise Home addressed to?

Is Devise Home really free?

What are the differences between free and paid Devise Home versions?

Do I have to be able to write programming source code?

Why I have to prefer Devise Home to other already existing domotic systems?

Do I need to install any applications on my PC?

Can Devise Home work offline?

Once I have developed a project, where can I purchase the needed components?

Can I do everithing I need with Devise Home?

Is Devise Home 100% reliable?

Do I need to have a public IP address in my home internet account to use Devise Home?

Do I need to re-configure my home router to use Devise Home?

Do I need any DNS or DDNS active services to use Devise Home?

Can I have more than one connected system with Devise Home?

With Devise Home do I need to spread cables all over my home to control devices in different rooms?

Can Devise Home control outdoor devices exposed to sun ray, rain and climat stress?